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Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
Performed after production
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Final Inspection Report

I want to check the quality of my products at the factory prior to shipment.

Popular Service
Social and Ethical Audit
Get a full social and ethical factory audit on your supplier
Secure my Deposit - Basic
$99 per contract

Secure my Deposit - Advanced
$199 per contract

Supplier Social Compliance Report

I need a full assessment of my suppliers technical capabilities, equipment and how they manage their quality internally

Popular Service
Laboratory Tests
Accredited to comply with standards for Safety, Electrical, Reliability, Chemical, RoHS,food contact etc...
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within 24 hours

Verified by GlobalTQM D.O.C (Declaration of Conformity)

Advice and report interpretation from expert team

Accredited Laboratory Test Report

I need to ensure my product fully complies with a related standards.

I need an accredited test report to a specific test standard.

In Demand Service
Document Review - Compliance
All test reports including Safety, Electrical, Reliability, Chemical, RoHs, Food contact, etc....
per report
Pre-Shipment Final Inspection

Verified by GlobalTQM D.O.C (Declaration of Conformity)

Advice on solutions from our expert team

My supplier has approvals and reports on a product. Could they be fake?

How can I check if my suppliers documents are correct and complete?

I don't want to spend money on lab tests, is it safe to use my suppliers documents?

Cost Effective Service
Supplier Self Assessments
The most effective way to filter out suppliers
per report
Mini Desktop Audit
$99 per audit

Secure my Deposit - Basic
$99 per contract

Secure my Deposit - Advanced
$199 per contract

Supplier Self Assesment Report - With facility images - And Basic Verification

Advice and Feedback based on our experience after the assesment

A factory audit is too expensive at this early stage, but I would like to know more about my supplier before going forward.

I need a cost effective way to select a supplier.

In Demand Service
Secure my Deposit - Basic
Reduce the risk of exposure before paying a deposit
per contract
Secure my Deposit - Advanced
$99 per contract

Supplier - TT Contract

I want to reduce the risk of loosing a deposit I paid a supplier.

My supplier wants me to pay a deposit, is it safe?

What we offer and how our services can change your business

How can we offer services at these prices?

We have developed unique and cost effective services over many years of providing quality management to our customers , that deliver effective results. We have developed in-house proprietary software ... LEARN MORE

What are Job UPGRADE services?

Our uniquely developed cost effective services allow you to initially spend less and add on more services progressively as needed! This saves time and cost. See our services list for details of where ... LEARN MORE

Compliance Notifications!

We send automatic notifications to you, when your compliance documents are going to expire! It couldn't be easier. We also automatically remind you off all CAP's ( Corrective-Action-Plans) that need ... LEARN MORE

Keeping things Honest!

At GlobalTQM we strive to ensure our inspection team maintain the highest of integrity and ethics! We have an independant investigation team and take violations of ethical codes of conduct seriously. ... LEARN MORE

Verified by GlobalTQM and what it means?

This logo appears on accredited laboratory test reports and on our declarations of conformity (D.O.C's) issued for any document review service we offer, see full list of service. Accredited Labs ca ... LEARN MORE

Customer Happiness!

Customer happiness is our only Concern. We will refund you at anytime if you are unhappy with our service, no questions.

We can develop your business from a "Metric Phase" to a "Methodology Phase" to a "Company Culture"!

We identify, understand and advise your business processes with a Six Sigma philosophy and culture.

We have training courses in English and Chinese at all levels. See full list of training modules here.

From Green Belt to Black Belt, and executive orientation programs. We engage in your business.
1. Six Sigma Training Courses ( Green to Black Belt, Executive orientation programs )
2. Business Management
3. Occupational Health and Safety

GlobalTQM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Regency LTD. The company has been in operation since 1998. It has been managing and overseeing the sourcing and quality control on behalf of companies from around the world. In addition it has been involved with many international brands, assisting in product development, manufacturing, product design, tooling and compliance testing.

Global Regency management team brings vast experience to GlobalTQM, in particular in the managing of quality processes prior and during production. The management has spent significant amounts of time assisting factories in improving their processes and quality to meet their customers expectations.

Through its years of dealing and experience in China, the management team has developed a practical expertise in doing business in China and has assisted many first time buyers navigating the mine fields in the Chinese market.